Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The name of this blog may seem to be at once innocuous and presumptuous. Innocuous because a pencil is hardly ever credited with might over the sword, and its work remains but a fleeting foreshadow of even history's greatest brushwork or chiseling. Presumptuous because claiming belonging to God seems to imply a claim of being a 'chosen one'. The name though is intended to emphasize the relation between our humblest possessions and our Highest Purpose; our smallest belongings and our Greatest Longings.

Like the strokes of a pencil, my life and message have no suggestion of finality about them, and their characteristic is tentativeness...and possibility. Like a pencil that is used to put parentheses and omission marks on print and create borders and outlines on sketchpads, the writings to come will attempt to define my context in Creation and also attempt to experience creation in my context. Read on. In a way, you can never use the same pencil twice!

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Vishy said...

The title sounded presumptuous at first. But I liked your explanation of it, and especially the metaphor of a pencil.

Although a pencil is lower in hierarchy to its inky counterpart, I have always 'penned' down my best poems with a pencil, albeit in the beginning, as a draft.

So, started blogging? You have atleast one guaranteed visitor :-)